Injured Bradford kitten undergoes special surgery to enable her to blink

A kitten left burnt and unable to blink after being coated in toxic chemicals can now see properly after “pioneering” surgery.

An emaciated and injured Rosa was handed in to Bradford Cat Watch after being discovered on a doorstep.

It transpired the feline had been covered in fibreglass resin before being rescued in February.

“There was a point where the vet thought she wasn’t going to be able to do it,” said the charity’s Katie Lloyd.

At the point her treatment began, volunteers and vets feared Rosa had a “very slim” chance of survival.

The substance left her struggling to breathe, with severe burns on her head and legs.

An injured cat
Image caption,Rosa was badly burned on her face and legs

Rosa was unable to eat when she arrived at the shelter and had to receive intravenous fluid to keep her alive.

However, after treatment, experts at Northcote Veterinary Surgery were about to carry out a three-hour operation to maintain her sight and blinking ability.

Ms Lloyd, who founded Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary, explained: “It’s a form of plastic surgery.

“We had specialist eye surgeons looking at Rosa and the usual treatment wouldn’t have worked for her.

“So, we essentially had to cobble together various techniques to attempt to fix it.”

Northcote Veterinary Surgery carrying out the surgery
Image caption,Experts at Northcote Veterinary Surgery performed the procedure

She said Rosa’s condition now was a far cry from when she initially came into contact with the charity.

“When Rosa first came to us, we were worried about her sight. Her eyes were shut.

“Now she has functioning eyes and they both blink.

“I think there was a point where the vet thought she wasn’t going to be able to do it,” she added.

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