Kind resident cuts hole in his home’s wall to save trapped kittens

A kind resident used a circular saw to cut a hole in his home’s wall to save trapped kittens. Narongsak and his relatives heard kittens crying from inside the house in Chiang Mai province, Thailand on June 17. After searching, they discovered the creatures had been stuck in the space inside the wall. Footage shows Narongsak using his power tool to mark the spot to tear in the structure. He then used a hammer to chip off paint and concrete. The good Samaritan then used the disc grinder power tool again to cut through the wood while another man held a light bulb over him. His relative Yui Bom said: ‘We thought the cats were only in the ceiling. But we searched everywhere and found nothing. We then realised they were inside the wall.’ Narongsak pulled out four kittens and were adopted by the family. Yui added: ‘The mother stray cat did not return. I think she gave birth in the roof and her babies fell below. We will take care of them now.’

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