Kitten Caught Playing With Pit Bull’s Ears Melts Hearts: ‘My Best Friend’

Dogs and cats are often considered “mortal enemies,” according to an August 2020 study in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One. However, an increasing number of our canine and feline pets have been living under the same roof and “most cohabitations are peaceful,” the study added. It found that most dogs and cats that share a home sleep together “at least occasionally” as well as play together.

“Although some body postures, such as the tail’s position, are interpreted differently by the two species, the greater proportions of dogs and cats show a relaxed response to several kinds of approaches of their roommate,” the study said.

“It is true that they speak different languages, but they seem to understand each other well and interpret each other’s approaches in the right way,” the study added.

Zazie Todd is the author of the books Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy and Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. She previously told Newsweek that good early-life experiences form a key factor in helping cats and dogs to get along.

The early part of a kitten’s life—from when the age of 2 to around 7 weeks old—is a sensitive period for socialization. So, felines will get along better with canines if they’re introduced to them as kittens.

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